Thursday, January 29, 2009


Kashi cereal/granola bars are on sale at Target this week for $2.75. If you are a vocal point member, like me, you have several $2/1 coupons, making them $.75 a box. Not bad, although I was hoping to get them for free at Kmart but my Kmart didn't carry them.

Anyway, I purchased:

$8.25 3 boxes Kashi cereal bars
$5.64 3 boxes of fruit roll ups (on sale $1.88 a box)

I also bought a dress and top on clearance ($13.72 together but clothes aren't a part of the grocery budget)

- $2/1
- $2/1
- $2/1

Total came to $22.43, but I used my Target gift card, so I paid nothing out of pocket. I have $61.20 left on this gift card and will soon have enough points from my credit card saved up for another Target $50 gift card. Not too shabby.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Favorite Sites To Earn Money

I often come across sites that will pay you for taking surveys, looking through e-mails, etc and of course, there are the regular old standby's like Ebay and Etsy (if you're crafty).

Some of my favorites:
  • - I generally only take the surveys that offer money incentives, otherwise all are you can do is try to win one of the grand prizes they offer (generally money) but I've never been lucky with sweepstakes sort of things, so I generally pass on surveys that only let you enter the sweepstakes. This gets sent in check form or you can donate to a charity.
  • - I actually just signed up for this one after reading about it over at Tiara Saves and I've already made $3.41 - though it won't be deposited into my paypal account for a week or a few days, I believe. Not sure how it works exactly, but I'm willing to give it a chance.
  • Ebates. Now you do have to buy stuff to get the percent back (and they only pay once a quarter, but so far it's been worth it. No fees and free cash back on things that I was going to buy anyway. The options for payment includes paypal or a check.
  • Blingo Blingo is another search engine that randomly gives out prizes. I only use Blingo and even the money/gifts are randomly selected, I've won 8 times in the past few years.
  • Swag Bucks. This is similar to Blingo but has other options to earn enough points for the prizes and you are almost guarenteed something unlike Blingo where you have to get lucky. I usually alternate.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transfer Rx = get $

Nothing fills me with more glee than getting gift certificates from transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to another (or dropping off new ones). The fiance and I have amassed a collection of around $300 worth of gift certificates in the past 6 months. Due to the economy and my current lack of employment, this fills our minds at ease. If need be, even if both of us were unemployed (which thankfully isn't the case) we could eat and have enough basics for 3 months without worry). I usually keep one or two gift cards in my purse for low balances, especially for drugstore purchases.

However, there are some rules for doing this. Some states don't even allow gift cards to be given with prescriptions, thankfully, Maryland isn't one of them. But some of the other general rules are:

1. Limits for using them:
  • Rite Aid used to only let you use 1 coupon every 6 months - to my knowledge they have since changed their policy.
  • Safeway only allows you to use 1 coupon every 3 months - though I think maybe our pharmacy just made this up since it isn't on the coupons - check your local pharmacy.
  • Giant won't let you use a coupon if they recognize you from another time. Basically, there's no policy but the Giants I've frequented don't like giving you free money. Thankfully, there are several Giants close to our apartment so we just alternate.
2. What they can be used for:
  • Most drugstores won't let you use their giftcards to pay for more medication (although I've seen some people go into Giant and use giftcards at the pharmacy - double check before you go).
  • Most drugstore and supermarkets will not let you use their gift cards to purchase more gift cards (especially ones for other stores).
  • There may be other stipulations, when in doubt, check the coupon or ask customer service.
3. Limit on transfers: In this situation I only know of 1 stipulation - though I'm not sure if it's only with this one particular pharmacy or not. The last time I was at Rite Aid, the pharmacist said that controlled substances could only be transferred 1 time. I haven't done the necessary research to conclude whether this was true or not but just wanted to forewarn others.

Otherwise, transferring or filling something you are definitely going to use to get you some free grocery money is certainly helpful and frugal!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I wanted to get to CVS before the Sunday/Monday deals ended today and we need tissues. The fiance has so willingly complied to try the CVS brand but isn't sure he'll like them (he is particular about paper products as you can tell).

Anyway, I got:

$1.25 Gatorade
$.50 CVS tissues (on sale yesterday/today only)
$.50 CVS tissues
$1.99 Pert Plus (on sale this week)
$6.99 Maxwell House coffee (large size, on sale from $12.49 - basically 1/2 off)
$8.99 Schick Intuition razor

- $1/1 Pert Plus
- $2/1 Schick razor
- $10.00 Extrabucks

= $7.42 Oop

Received $4.00 back from the Schick. Just an FYI, those that did the Pepsi deal last week, it has... respawned this week so you can do the deal again! Not sure we need the Pepsi, but I might stock up on Gatorade.

Also, the Gilette razor that's on sale doesn't get to stores till the 30th! That's this Friday and a day before the sale ends. Silly CVS.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Budget Summary (January 18th- January 24th)

Summary for this week (excluding Hickory Farms orders):
Sunday, January 18th CVS: $1.18
Sunday, January 18th Kmart: $4.00
Friday, January 23rd Shoppers: $34.72
Saturday, January 24th CVS: $9.77
Saturday, January 24th Kmart: $6.17

Total: $55.84 OOP just slightly over budget by $5.84

SEP 28 - OCT 4$49.18
OCT 5 - OCT 11$13.88
OCT 12 - OCT 18$75.08
OCT 19 - OCT 25$10.04
OCT 26 - NOV 1$43.58
NOV 2 - NOV 8$42.00
NOV 9 - NOV 15$20.94
NOV 16 - NOV 22$80.16
NOV 23 - NOV 29$16.39
NOV 30 - DEC 6$25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13$24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20$117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27$2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3$36.81
JAN 4 - JAN 10$42.83
JAN 11 - JAN 17$14.60
JAN 18 - JAN 24$55.84
JAN 25 - JAN 31$?

Shoppers, CVS & Kmart

Well, the deals were so numerous this week that I had to hit several stores. While I'm still unsure of how we'll factor in the Hickory Farms orders, I'll figure it out somehow, I'm sure.

Anyway, first stop was Shoppers (Friday, January 23rd):

$2.59 Cream of Wheat Cream of Rice ($.75 that tripled = cost $.34)
$2.59 Cream of Wheat Cream of Rice ($.75 that tripled = cost $.34)
$3.00 Pepperidge Farms crackers ($.75 that tripled = cost $.75)
$3.00 Pepperidge Farms crackers ($.75 that tripled = cost $.75)
$2.99 Fiber One granola bar ($.50 that tripled = cost $1.49)
$2.99 Fiber One granola bar ($.50 that tripled = cost $1.49)
$2.99 Fiber One granola bar ($.50 that tripled = cost $1.49)
$2.33 Fruit roll ups
$2.33 Fruit roll ups
$2.33 Fruit roll ups
$2.34 Fruit roll ups (used 2 - $.50/2 that tripled, final cost $1.58 each)
$4.00 Fiber One shredded wheat ($.75 that tripled = cost $1.75)
$2.19 Minute rice premium (had $.50 that tripled = cost $.69)
$2.19 Minute rice brown (had $.50 that tripled = cost $.69)
$2.50 Quaker Oats (had $.60 that tripled = cost $.70)
$2.69 Quaker Fiber chocolate bar (had $.75 that tripled = cost $.44)
$2.69 Quaker Fiber chocolate bar (had $.75 that tripled = cost $.44)
$2.69 Kikkoman soy sauce
$.99 Orange Soda (had $.40 that tripled = cost FREE)
$.88 box frozen spinach
$.88 box frozen spinach
$1.33 bag frozen corn
$1.34 bag frozen corn
$3.75 gallon skim milk
$2.79 18-ct large eggs
$4.08 6 cups of Yoplait yogurt (had $.40 that tripled = cost $2.88, $.48 per cup)

Was charged $36.97 but the cashier forgot to ring through one of the coupons, so the manager told me to come back after 3:00pm today and get $2.25 back, making the trip $34.72 Oop.

Bought 32 items, paid about $1 per item.

CVS (Saturday January 24th):

$2.50 2 bottles of Gatorade
$12.00 4 cases of Pepsi soda
$6.00 2 bags Stacy's Pita Chips
$2.50 Hefty one-zip bags
$2.49 Ziploc sandwich bags
$7.99 Maybelline mineral lipstick
$7.99 Maybelline mineral lipstick
$1.19 CVS brand throat lozenges

- $.55/1 Hefty
- $.55/1 Ziploc
- $1.50/1 Stacy's
- $1.50/1 Stacy's
- $1.19/1 CVS brand (free throat lozenges came from red machine)
- $29.57 Extrabucks

= $9.77 Oop
Received $10 for the Pepsi products and $10 for the Maybelline = $20 Extrabucks back!

Then Kmart (Saturday, January 24th):

Most of the things that I wanted to get were long gone, but I was able to pick up some odds and ends:

$5.49 Therafu
$4.49 Tylenol rapid release
$2.50 Special K chocolate cereal
$2.50 Special K bars
$3.00 Ritz reduced fat crackers
$1.69 Ritz holiday crackers

- $13.50 worth of coupons
= $6.17 Oop

I also have a rebate for the Theraflu, which says up to $5.99 back but will deduct the $2 off coupon (that doubled at Kmart) that attached to it. Hoping I get $3.49 back, but even if I just get what I wound up paying, it will still be free.

And I'm spent... although I do have to stop at Shopper's to get my $2.25... but that was exhausting! I think I'll grab some lunch and then go over. The fiance and I are going to see a string quartet tonight thanks to my parents having other plans and donating their tickets to us. We're big classical music dorks.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Target Raises Prices

I remember when I was so excited to go to Target to get fruit roll ups since normal price they were $1.97. Unfortunately, they are no longer under $2, the last Target I went to had them for $2.19. While the 22 cent increase doesn't seem severe, that's still 11% (I'm not sure if this is just locally or by store - I will check another Target to be sure). I don't know how many other items are affected but I'd personally keep an eye out for rising shelf prices at places that are your "go to" for when items aren't on sale and in fact, I recommend to always check the price, especially for items you buy weekly.

I wound up buying more fruit roll ups today at Shoppers. I will post the whole trip shortly.

At Shopper's they are 3/$7 = $2.33 a piece. I bought 4 ($9.32) and used 2 $.50/2 coupons that tripled (-$3.00), after coupons cost me $6.32/4 = $1.58 a box.

Cuisinart + Cheap Cheese = $$ Saved

I'm planning on making this recipe that I found on Money Saving Mom.

My fiance and I received a very nice Cuisinart from my parents as a housewarming gift a couple months ago but I've been nervous to use it because it seems so complex. So many blades and attachments! Either way, I finally decided that today would be the day because I had cheese to shred to make my dinner.

I shredded a 8oz block of Big Barn Cheddar from my Hickory Farms order, rough price, $1.50.

Just referencing prices from Giant for the same cheese:
Giant Brand 8oz shredded bag = $3.00
Sargento 8oz shredded bag = $3.69
Kraft 8oz shredded bag = $3.99
Nature's Promise 6oz shredded bag = $3.69 (would be $4.92 for 8oz if existed)

Saved? Anywhere from $1.50-$3.42!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hickory Farms II

I mentioned previously that I had put in another order after discovering that they had gone to 85% off some products. So, we basically have a lot of cheese and sausage. The fiance isn't complaining because he got a sausage, pea and egg omelet tonight for dinner and was super impressed when I said that this order cost me even less than the last one.

The items from Order #2 are:
1 Warm & Hearty Welcome Gift Box
1 Family & Friends Gift Box
1 Ham Smokehouse Collection Gift Box
1 Reduced Sugar Vanilla Torte (this freezes and will be dessert the next time my parents are over)

This amounted to the following items:
4oz Three Cheese & Onion Wedge
4oz Creamy Swiss Blend
4oz Creamy Swiss Blend
4oz Big Barn Cheddar
4oz Big Barn Cheddar
4oz Big Barn Cheddar
8oz Big Barn Cheddar shredded, eaten
12oz Jalapeno & Cheddar Blend (fiance's g-ma sent him this last year and it is amazing in macncheese - it's like an adult version)
12oz Smoked Cheddar Blend
4oz Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Blend
6oz Cheddar Cheese Ball
= 66oz of cheese = 4.125 lbs

12oz Beef Summer Sausage
12oz Beef Summer Sausage
10oz Ham Summer Sausage
10oz Beef & Pork Summer Sausage
7oz Beef Summer Sausage
7oz Ham Summer Sausage
= 58oz of sausage = 3.625 lbs

spreads/mustard/crackers, etc.
3oz sweet hot mustard
2.25oz sweet hot mustard
2.25oz sweet hot mustard
2.25oz american dijon mustard
= 9.75oz of mustard

2-1.3oz packages of golden toasted crackers

4oz mini melt away mints (pastel colored)

And some of those little strawberry candies. I don't know how many because my fiance quickly stole them away from me to eat, I presume (or hide).

I spent $25.74 including tax and shipping and will be receiving 4% back (roughly $1.00).
25 items, roughly $1 per item.

Still curious about any mixes you guys can think of. I know I am already going to mix the jalapeno one with one of the other lighter cheese (maybe one of the cheddars) since it is very very hot - they aren't joking around with that one!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hickory Farms & Ebates

Hickory Farms is having a great sale. A week or so ago most of their holiday sets were 75% off, this week many of them are 85% off and since shipping is calculated by the cost, not by weight, the shipping is even cheaper this week (it's pretty pricey to begin with so be forewarned). However, thanks to a special coupon offer: use SIZZLE or CLIPPER in the special coupon offer box, you will receive an additional 15% off and if you go through Ebates you'll get an additional 4% back from the purchase!

I'm not sure whether to include this in my weekly or monthly budget but I've made 2 separate orders. One last week that just arrived today and one this week which should be shipped soon. Some of the items are going towards birthday or holiday gifts this year, some of the items are things I know we will use (at least a couple of the sausages are going to be used for the south american dish I make fairly often), I plan to grate some of the cheese to freeze and use for other dishes - not sure which. Either way, either we or someone close to us will be using all of the items.

The items from Order #1 are:
1 Warm & Hearty Welcome Gift Box
1 Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Box
1 The Sausage & Cheese Slicer Gift Board

This amounted to the following items:
6oz Smoked Gouda
7oz Edam
8oz Cheddar
7oz Sharp Cheddar
7oz Mission Jack Blend (I already know this I'm shredding for Mexican dishes)
4oz Swiss
7oz Havarti
4oz Three Cheese & Onion Wedge
6.5oz Apple Pie Cheddar

3-12oz Beef Summer Sausage (36oz!)
7oz Beef Summer Sausage 1/2 eaten
7oz Ham Summer Sausage

2- 3oz jars sweet hot mustard

We also got a cutting board with cheese/sausage slicer but it seems a little wonky - will try to fix because I was hoping to gift that to my dad for father's day this year.

And some of those little strawberry candies. I don't know how many because my fiance quickly stole them away from me to eat, I presume (or hide).

I spent $30.63 including tax and shipping and will be receiving 4% back (roughly $1.20).

I would like to know from you, fellow bloggers, which cheese above would be good to shred and freeze? Would you combine any of it? What are some dishes you like including the above ingredients?

Just to break down this first Hickory Farms purchase.
56.50 oz of cheese = roughly 3.5 lbs
50.00 oz of sausage = roughly 3.11 lbs
1 cutting board
2 jars of mustard

Knowing how much cheese costs around here, I doubt I could get it for any cheaper at the local grocer, even on sale, so I'm pleased.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kmart & CVS

My fiance and I were in a location with what appeared to be an empty CVS this morning so I was able to pick up the free after extrabuck deal from CVS.

$3.79 CVS brand allergy med
$3.79 CVS brand allergy med

- $5.00 Extrbucks
- a dollar and change left on a giftcard

= $1.18 Oop
Received $7.58 back in Extra Bucks.

And then we stopped at Kmart since they are running a double coupon promotion this week in our area and I wanted to get in before the crazy people did. The intent was to stock up on Kashi bars (since I have $2 off coupons that would double) but unfortunately our Kmart only had Kashi granola bars. Even though we weren't able to get exactly what I went in to get, we still walked out with some good stuff.

$4.19 Maybelline foundation (Maybelline is 40% off) attached was a $2 off coupon that doubled, making the foundation $.19
$2.50 Special K chocolate
$2.50 Special K chocolate
$1.00 Sunkist regular (attached to the bottle there was a $1/2 couple that doubled making these free)
$1.00 Sunkist diet (")

- $1/1 Sunkist
- $1/1 Sunkist doubled
- $2/1 Maybelline
- $2/1 Maybelline doubled
- $1/2 Special K
- $1/2 Special K doubled

= $4.00 Oop including tax (from the $.19 Maybelline)

I'm going back tomorrow since on the Special K there were more coupons and the chocolate flavor is my favorite and maybe more Sunkist too. We'll see.

Budget Summary (January 11th- January 17th)

Summary for this week:

January 11th Walgreen: $9.72 (will receive $10.98 on GC)
January 14th Giant: $4.88
January 16th CVS: $0.00
January 17th CVS: $0.00

$14.60 Oop

SEP 28 - OCT 4$49.18
OCT 5 - OCT 11$13.88
OCT 12 - OCT 18$75.08
OCT 19 - OCT 25$10.04
OCT 26 - NOV 1$43.58
NOV 2 - NOV 8$42.00
NOV 9 - NOV 15$20.94
NOV 16 - NOV 22$80.16
NOV 23 - NOV 29$16.39
NOV 30 - DEC 6$25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13$24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20$117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27$2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3$36.81
JAN 4 - JAN 10$42.83
JAN 11 - JAN 17$14.60
JAN 18 - JAN 24$?
JAN 25 - JAN 31$?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have been looking for the Children's Throat Cooler Ice Pops at CVS for days. I wanted to do the awesome deal. Well, today I finally found a store that had 1 so I asked one of the employees whether they had more in the back. To my surprise, they did! So I bought 2.

So, I got:

$4.99 Throat Cooler
$4.99 Throat Cooler

- $4.99 Buy 1 get 1 free coupon
- $4.99 Extrabucks

= $0.00 Oop

And I received $9.98 in Extra bucks back.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Quiet Week

Haven't been shopping too much this week, though I may brave stores tomorrow.

I've been using up what we have in the house. Three days ago I made Chicken Corn Chowder soup which was a variation of a recipe from one of my cookbooks (this particular cookbook focuses only on soups, it is wonderful in the winter).

Basically, I boiled 4 chicken breasts from a previous shopping trip when boneless skinless chicken was under $2/lb and removed the breasts after they had cooked through. Then I added salt, pepper and this soup to the chicken broth. I then took a can of corn and pureed it with about 4oz of low-fat condensed milk, sauteed a whole chopped onion with garlic, honey, salt and some frozen corn (about 1/4 cup), chopped up one of the chicken breasts and added everything to the pot and cooked on low for 3 hours.

During the last hour I added a cup of rice and simmered everything on low after boiling for a couple minutes with the rice. What resulted is a creamy, rich tasting but low-fat corn chowder that we've had for dinner every night since. I used the V8 because I had bought it when it was on sale at Shoppers during one of their double/triple promotions and paid under a $1 for it, so the soup had a little zip but wasn't overwhelmingly hot.

Anyway, I hit Giant for some potatoes and more soy nog and CVS for milk this week:

Giant (January 14, 2009):
$.88 5 lb bag of white potatoes (on sale from $2.99)
$4.00 4 boxes of soy egg nog

= $4.88 Oop

And at CVS (today, the 16th) I picked up milk, though I put it on a gift card so I spent nothing out of pocket. We're trying to stay in because it is inaugural weekend and also freezing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Walgreen by our apartment has been having several "grand openings" with special fliers. This week's circular had a $3/$10 coupon on the very front page. And on the other side a transfer Rx get $25 coupon (I picked up 3 of them and used 1 for the $-off coupon.

Understanding that the Walgreens "game" is similar to the CVS one. You have to pay for some things before you can start rolling over register rewards or the amount you put on a giftcard (I am using the giftcard option in lieu of the money rebate since you get 10% more).

Anyway, here's my very first Walgreens trip!

January 11, 2009 Sunday:
$2.67 3 Propels on clearance for $.89 each
$1.39 Maybelline blush on clearance
$9.99 Revlon Matte blush (January rebate)

- $1/1 Revlon
- $1/1 Maybelline
- $3/$10

= $9.72 Oop

I'll be receiving $10.98 on a gift card for the Revlon.

I'll be heading back today to get some more of the free after January rebate items. I have a feeling I'll be spending more out of pocket this week, but it will all even out and make me money when I get the giftcard.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Summary (January 4th-10th)

This past week's report:

Monday, January 5th CVS: $0.00
Friday, January 9th CVS: $.31
Saturday, January 10th Safeway: $42.52

= total weekly tally: $42.83

SEP 28 - OCT 4$49.18
OCT 5 - OCT 11$13.88
OCT 12 - OCT 18$75.08
OCT 19 - OCT 25$10.04
OCT 26 - NOV 1$43.58
NOV 2 - NOV 8$42.00
NOV 9 - NOV 15$20.94
NOV 16 - NOV 22$80.16
NOV 23 - NOV 29$16.39
NOV 30 - DEC 6$25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13$24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20$117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27$2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3$36.81
JAN 4 - JAN 10$42.83
JAN 11 - JAN 17$?
JAN 18 - JAN 24$?
JAN 25 - JAN 31$?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the Safeway deals and how sneaky they are sometimes. I ran into a minor snafu today, but the clerk ringing me up was so nice that she took the $5 off no questions asked. Much to my relief, since the CS at my Safeway is subpar at best and there's never anyone actually at the customer service office area anyway.

Anyway, here's what I got. I stocked up on things we use often the most often: cereal, pop tarts & lunch meat:

$1.50 Nature's Valley granola bars with special super saver coupon
$4.95 5 boxes of Frosted Cinnamon pop tarts (the small boxes but for $.99 with no limit, I stocked up for at least a few weeks)
$11.97 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats
$7.98 2 boxes of Cocoa Krispies
$2.00 large bag Safeway brand frozen peas
$3.60 6 things of yoplait yogurt
$1.89 loaf of bread
$11.95 5 packages of Hormel natural turkey breast (with super saver coupon - the best I've seen these is 2/$6 - $2.39 a box was a great deal)
$2.49 97/3 ground turkey (with super saver coupon)
$2.99 tub of garlic hummus

- $.50 Nature Valley
- $.50 doubled Nature Valley (made it $.50 for the box)
- $.40/6 Yoplait
- $.40 doubled Yoplait
- $1/1 Coco Krispies
- $1/1 Coco Krispies
- $5.00 5/5 promotion

= $42.52 Oop

Even though the cereal was on the expensive side (I think I might have missed the deal but the cashier was very nice and rung it through anyway) here's what it turned out to be per box.

$11.97 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats
$7.98 2 boxes of Cocoa Krispies

- $2 for the Cocoa Krispies
- $5 for the promotion
= $12.95/5 = $2.59 a box. Not bad - about what I would have gotten it for if I had waited for a sale - I am also fresh out of Mini Wheat coupons. I wish I had extras!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Just making a habit to put these CVS runs down. One from the 5th of January and one from today.

January 5th (Monday):
$3.75 3 Gatorades
$3.99 Maybelline lipgloss
$3.99 Revlon lipgloss

- $3.99 Maybelline (the $4 off coupon that expired that day)
- $2/1 Revlon CRT
- $1/1 Revlon
- $4.00 Extrabucks

= $1.09 but used a giftcard so $0.00 Oop

January 9th (today):
$5.00 4 bottles of Gatorade
$.45 tissue paper from holiday clearance
$6.00 Soyjoys
$6.00 Soyjoys
$3.99 CVS dryer sheets
$.49 CVS ground cinnamon (for buy 1 get 1 50% sale storewide)
$3.89 gallon skim milk
$3.49 mis-priced Halmark bag (should have been 75% off)
$3.99 mis-priced Halmark bag (")
|I've just returned because they charged me full price for the 2 Hallmark bags I picked up so I just received $6.58 back in cash for the overcharge|

- $3 CVS product purchase
- $29.99 Extrabucks

= $.31 Oop (but got $6.58 in cash back)

And received $12 in Extrabucks back from the soy joys.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Budget Summary, CVS & Giant

I've been rather busy with wedding planning so haven't finished the summary for last week or my last 2 purchases.

They were CVS:

$2.25 Physicians Formula green concealer on clearance
$3.25 Physicians Formula bronzer on clearance
($4.99 Lumene eye base which was later returned to me because the idiot cashier never gave it to me and then they were out - so it was sold to me in the 1st transaction and later returned to me)
$5.88 Charmin
$5.88 Charmin
$3.79 gallon skim milk

- $5.50 Physicians Formula
- $3/1 Lumene CRT
- $7.49 Extrabucks
- $7.29 Extrabucks
- $2.59 Extrabucks

= $.29 Oop

I also stopped by Giant Saturday evening to get the very last of the soy nog (soy egg nog). The fiance and I are quite fond of it and it's healthier than regular eggnog although we missed out on the yearly Silk version, I happened to pick up 5 boxes of the VitaSoy one for $1 each (50% off) = $5.30 Oop

Weekly summary:
December 28th - January 3rd
Sunday, December 28th CVS: $0.00
Monday, December 29th Giant: $27.67
Tuesday, December 30th Shoppers: $3.55
Friday, January 2nd Target: $0.00
Saturday, January 3rd Giant/CVS: $5.59

= $36.81

"Monthly" Summary (as it includes several days in both January and November - a 5 week month)

NOV 30 - DEC 6 $25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13 $24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20 $117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27 $2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3 $36.81

= $206.63 ... $6.63 over budget. Not bad considering it was 5 weeks!

SEP 28 - OCT 4$49.18
OCT 5 - OCT 11$13.88
OCT 12 - OCT 18$75.08
OCT 19 - OCT 25$10.04
OCT 26 - NOV 1$43.58
NOV 2 - NOV 8$42.00
NOV 9 - NOV 15$20.94
NOV 16 - NOV 22$80.16
NOV 23 - NOV 29$16.39
NOV 30 - DEC 6$25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13$24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20$117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27$2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3$36.81
JAN 4 - JAN 10$?
JAN 11 - JAN 17$?
JAN 18 - JAN 24$?
JAN 25 - JAN 31$?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas at Target 75% off!

Based on what I've been reading on many blogs, most people have been disappointed with the Christmas clearances and noted that many stores have stayed at 50% or don't have the inventory they used to have. Thankfully, this is not what I encountered at the Target in Wheaton. There were literally aisles and aisles of 75% off Christmas items. A lot of it was disorganized and some of the things looked picked through and broken, but I was able to find some great stuff!

My loot:

$1.25 Swiffer "holiday" pack - I love that the things that don't even appear holiday-ish go on sale. This particular "holiday" item just said it was a holiday item but it came with a swiffer 360 duster and a box of 5 refills (on clearance from its' original price of $4.99 - not bad!)
$.82 Hersheys Bliss Dark Chocolate
$3.81 3 boxes Hersheys Snacksters 100 calorie packs (I love these for lunches - these were in the regular food clearance)
$1.96 2 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups on clearance $.98 each! Couldn't pass these up (also in the regular food clearance)
$1.17 3 jars of Pillsbury frosting (these are holiday themed green vanilla frosting with a separate pack of sprinkles - I figure we'll use the green frosting when it isn't December but even so these don't expire till 2010!)
$.99 Red silicon baking spoon (I actually need one of these but because it has a snowman on it, it was also marked down from $3.99)
$.87 green wrapping paper
$.87 red wrapping paper
$.96 3 holiday bags with snowflakes on them (great for Christmas -or- Hanukah)
$.74 3 pack Scotch tape - this was also on clearance 75% off and has a $1/1 coupon for the cutter which is on sale for $1.24 so you get both items for $.98!
$1.24 Scotch cutter

and 2 items for myself
$6.24 clearance black trousers for work
$4.24 clearance black long sleeved shirt for work

- $1/1 Scotch

And I used the $5 giftcard I received from the Keebler promotion a few weeks ago and used the remainder of another giftcard I received as a birthday gift and put $16.37 on the $100 giftcard I recently received from Capital One so nothing out of pocket.