Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Harris Teeter & More CVS

Before a doctor's appt, I went over to the other side of town to hit the swanky Harris Teeter (it's kind of inside an apartment complex and it has an upstairs with a sandwich shop and a Starbucks). Well, as I predicted, they still had many of the items free after coupon in stock!

I also was able to print some Kashi coupons and do the CVS deal (and get milk).

at Harris Teeter:
$2.99 Dawn dish detergent
$6.90 2 boxes of Kashi waffles
$2.59 Fiber 1 strawberry yogurt

- $3/1 Kashi
- $3/1 Kashi ($1.50 that doubled - my last 2!)
- $2/1 Fiber 1
- $2.99/1 Dawn

= $.48 OOP!

CVS #1

$.67 Starbursts
$3.34 Kashi Go Lean crunch
$3.33 Kashi Autumn thingies
$1.00 Nivea lipbalm (75% off)

- $.67 free Starbursts
- $1.50/1 Kashi
- $1.98 Extrabucks
- $2.97 Extrabucks

= $1.27 OOP

CVS #2

$3.34 Kashi Autumn thingies
$3.39 gallon skim milk

- $1.50/1 Kashi
- $.89 Extrabucks
- $1.98 Extrabucks
- $1.98 Extrabucks

= .38 OOP
And received $5 back in Extrabucks. Hooray more cheap cereal!

Monday, July 27, 2009

CVS & Harris Teeter

One day left for the Harris Teeter doubled coupon promotion! It ends tomorrow. I was able to get there today to do a few of the deals I missed the last time although they were still sold out of some of the things I was intending to get. I have a feeling they will restock after tomorrow.

I also hit CVS for some of the Extra Buck deals this week. I will return for the candy deal (buy $15 and get $5 EB) and the Kashi deal (buy $10 and get $5 EB) once I print out and clip some more coupons.

Anyway, not super exciting but my trips:

$1.89 CVS brand tampons
$.99 Pilot pens
$.99 Pilot pens
$.99 composition book
$.99 composition book
$.99 stapler (we actually needed one!)
$.99 stapler
$.99 binder clips
$.99 binder clips

- $.99 Extrabucks
- $1.98 Extrabucks
- $5.00 Extrabucks

= $1.93 OOP

Received $9.81 in Extrabucks (everything was free after extrabucks excluding tax).

Harris Teeter:
$2.89 Alexia snacks
$2.89 Alexia snacks
$2.89 Alexia snacks
$3.19 Noni Biscotti
$3.19 Noni Biscotti

- $2/1 Alexia
- $2/1 Alexia
- $2/1 Alexia
- $2/1 Noni
- $2/1 Noni
= $5.05 OOP!

I'll also be submitting one of my Harris Teeter receipts to get a free Alexia snack that came attached to a couple of the manu coupons.

PS: Currently our "chip and other salty snacks" pile has doubled in height thanks to Harris Teeter and Safeway! I'm sure my husband will manage to eat them all, but for now, it's a bit impressive given that we have continued to stay within our budget.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Harris Teeter

Two posts in 1 day, woohoo! First of all, the pot roast I made turned out fantastic! I highly recommend the recipe. The Crock Pot Lady knows her stuff (but who ever rejected that idea?).

Anyway, after my trip to Safeway, I went to Harris Teeter.

They are currently running a double coupon promotion up to $1.98! Amazing. Unfortunately, lots of things were already picked clean but I'm going to try to hit another one tomorrow possibly. The good thing for me was that you can only use 20 coupons a day anyway so I wouldn't have been able to snag every deal I wanted even if there were items on the shelf.

What I got:
1 vanilla frappacino
2 bottles fruit 2-0
2 boxes hershey 100 calorie packs
1 bag Alexia onion sticks
1 Hormel Complete meal
1 can of Lysol Neutra Air
1 bag of Grande tortilla chips
2 bags of Terra chips
3 boxes of Kashi waffles
1 Old Spice deodorant
1 4-pack Activia light
1 4-pack Yoplus
1 bag of chicken jerky

Grand total?


$8.72 OOP!!!!!!!!

How amazing is that? After the $1.50 that doubled, the Kashi waffles were $.09 each!


So I had a pretty successful shopping trip today, except for the fact that I completely forgot about the $5 off $50 coupon I had. Oh well, still saved 57% and I used a gift card for the majority of it since I still plan on heading to Harris Teeter for their double coupon promotion in a bit.

Since our freezer is absolutely full of what DH calls "the freezer chicken" (chicken that I've bought on sale and then boiled and chopped into meal sized little baggies) and shredded cheese, I decided to do a roast (it's in the crockpot now) from back when chuck roast was $1.99/lb. I still have another one in the freezer but they take up so much space so I'm trying to free up some space so I can buy some Kashi waffles (the $1.50/1 coupons from Vocal Point will double and we'll be getting ourselves some free waffles among other things - kind of glad I waited to use them too).

Anyway, I needed a bit of produce for the recipe (and I had a $3 off $10 produce coupon) so this shopping trip consisted of lots of fresh stuff, and tons of fruit. Yay for fresh cherries - even though they are so pricey!

Anyway, on to the bargains?

$.59 Sierra Mist
$.59 Dt Sierra Mist
$.59 Dt Mountain Dew (on sale limit 4)
$.99 Motts apple juice (with super coupon)
$3.00 2 packages of fruit roll ups
$3.00 2 boxes of Nature Valey granola bars (super coupon 4/$6)
$4.50 3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios (sale 2/$3 limit 6)
$3.00 2 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
$2.29 Worchester sauce
$3.98 2 packs of Dole pinneaple cups (1 was $1.49 with super coupon)
$1.88 Ritz crackers
$2.69 red wine vinegar
$.99 Francesco tomato sauce (with super coupon)
$.99 18-ct eggs (w/super coupon)
$1.49 Lucerne cream cheese
$1.49 Lucerne butter (w/super coupon)
$0.00 Greek yogurt (had free coupon)
$1.49 Thomas English muffins (w/super coupon)
$4.68 2.34 lbs of cherries (at $1.99 lb)
$1.24 1 red bell pepper
$1.49 cantaloupe
$1.73 1.73lb yellow onions
$1.99 5 lbs of potatoes
$2.00 8 oz sliced mushrooms
$2.00 2 bags of Fresh Express lettuce mixes
$1.49 1lb strawberries

- bunch of coupons

= $58.89
- $30 GC
= $14.57 OOP

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Target, CVS & Shoppers

Went to Target and CVS today (in fact I'm about to go back out since I forgot the freaking milk, ugh!).

$1.50 x3 Fruit Snacks

= $0.00 OOP (paid with GC)

$1.62 Aleve Cold and Sinus (75% off!)
$1.62 Aleve Cold and Sinus (75% off!)
$1.62 Aleve Cold and Sinus (75% off!)
$2.47 Clorox Anywhere (25% off)
$.99 CVS Reinventing beauty magazine

- $5.00 Extrabucks

= $3.32 OOP

$2.39 gallon skim milk
$1.99 Nature's Own bread

= $4.38 OOP

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shopping This Week (CVS, Safeway & Giant)

Things have been getting a little crazy around here recently. 1, I'm now unemployed and looking for work again which is not so great - thankfully hubbie is still gainfully employed. The good news is that we have plenty of gift cards so hopefully one of my 2 leads will pull through. Not that anyone reads this, but anyone looking for a smart and driven HR person getting her Master's (who knows how to budget, too!)?

Anyhow, usually what happens is that I shop on Sunday and that's it for the week, well with our milk intake increasing, this has now increased to a couple times a week which means I am bad and spend more money. Now granted, I would have spent the money anyway at some other point, but starting tomorrow I'm going to be penny pinching a lot more. Of course, I'll also have more time to cook food and we won't be eating nearly as much prepackaged stuff (thankfully, we have quite a bit of cereal and hopefully I'll be picking up some Kashi waffles whenever they go on sale with my $1.50/1 coupons from Vocal Point).

Ok, that was long-winded.

Here's what I bought at CVS this past Sunday, the 12th:

$3.34 Special K red berries
$3.33 Special K red berries
$5.00 Special K protein bars
$5.00 Special K protein bars (DH eats these like regular granola bars - wish I had his metabolism!)
$.99 pens
$.99 pens
$.99 pens
$.99 glue
$.99 glue
$.99 ruler
$.99 ruler
$.99 college notebook
$.99 college notebook (these are for me for school but I'm going to donate the other school supplies to a local charity once I find one!)

- $2/2 Special K
- $2/2 Special K
-$5.00 Extrabucks

= $17.02 OOP
Received $13.82 in Extrabucks

Earlier this week, I tried making these. They were a complete flop. Don't make them! They didn't stick together even though I added an extra egg after the batter seemed crumbly but they all fell apart in the pan, so I just dumped the rest of the batter in the pan and sauteed it all. I can't imagine it was particularly healthy but DH liked it. Anyway, the next day, I had the brilliant idea of adding a package of spinach to it to make it at least semi-healthy so I had DH go to Safeway and get 2 packages of frozen spinach, $2.78 OOP. I wound up baking it all with the spinach mixed in and that lasted us till last night when I finally had the rest of the leftovers for dinner (I made DH something new cause he was sick of it!).

Then today I went to Giant because we needed milk desparately and I had several coupons for Giant ($5 off $40 and $7 off). Here's what I got:

$2.39 gallon skim milk
$4.50 6 yoplaits
$3.00 Edys strawberry fruit bars
$3.00 Edys strawberry fruit bars
$3.00 Hagaan Daz ice cream bars
$3.00 Hagaan Daz ice cream bars
$.99 marshmallows
$.99 marshmallows
$5.00 Angel Soft 12 pack
$5.00 Angel Soft 12 pack
$3.00 3 bottles Gatorade
$2.00 Ocean Spray juice
$1.00 apple sauce on reduced
$2.50 canola oil spray
$4.00 4 1-serve easy mac
$.89 liter seltzer
$.89 liter seltzer
$2.50 pound Utz pretzals
$5.00 2 packages Giant turkey breast
$8.47 several pounds of boneless skinless turkey breast
$1.65 3.51 lbs of bananas

-$.80/6 yoplait
-$1/2 Edys
- $1/2 Haagan Daz
- $1/1 Angel Soft
- $1/1 Angel Soft
- $1/1 Ocean Spray
- $1/1 Easy MAC (b1g1)
- $1/1 Easy MAC (b1g1)
- $5/$40

= $43.86 OOP
And I received $4.00 off my next shopping trip for buying the Edys.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Summary (July 5th - July 11th)

Since I've actually been food shopping more often than not recently, I'm starting this up again (though I've always been keeping track).

Monday, July 6, 2009 CVS: $2.14
Monday, July 6, 2009 Safeway: $24.34
Saturday, July 11, 2009 Giant: $17.80
Saturday, July 11, 2009 Safeway: $24.26

Total: $68.54

SEP 28 - OCT 4$49.18
OCT 5 - OCT 11$13.88
OCT 12 - OCT 18$75.08
OCT 19 - OCT 25$10.04
OCT 26 - NOV 1$43.58
NOV 2 - NOV 8$42.00
NOV 9 - NOV 15$20.94
NOV 16 - NOV 22$80.16
NOV 23 - NOV 29$16.39
NOV 30 - DEC 6$25.49
DEC 7 - DEC 13$24.32
DEC 14 - DEC 20$117.75
DEC 21 - DEC 27$2.26
DEC 28 - JAN 3$36.81
JAN 4 - JAN 10$42.83
JAN 11 - JAN 17$14.60
JAN 18 - JAN 24$55.84
JAN 25 - JAN 31$8.29
FEB 1 - FEB 7$82.26
FEB 8 - FEB 14$42.24
FEB 15 - FEB 21$0.00
FEB 22 - FEB 28$79.45
MAR 1 - MAR 7$53.20
MAR 8 - MAR 14$5.88
MAR 15 - MAR 21$44.35
MAR 22 - MAR 28$17.81
MAR 23 - APR 4$39.96
APR 5 - APR 11$50.94
APR 12 - APR 18$1.09
APR 19 - APR 25$64.17
APR 26 - MAY 2$16.74
MAY 3 - MAY 9$13.01
MAY 10 - MAY 16$8.50
MAY 17 - MAY 23$37.94
MAY 24 - MAY 30$19.34
MAY 31 - JUNE 6$64.06
JUNE 7 - JUNE 13$26.82
JUNE 14 - JUNE 20$27.33
JUNE 21 - JUNE 27$30.69
JUNE 28 - JULY 4$40.41
JULY 5 - JULY 11$68.54
JULY 12 - JULY 18$60.88
JULY 19 - JULY 25$30.99
JULY 26 - AUG 1$

Giant & Safeway

I hit Giant and Safeway yesterday since it was the first Saturday in quite awhile that I was not working or was otherwise occupied.

First was Giant:

They are running a special in which you spend $20 worth of certain Coke (and possibly Pepsi) products and you receive a CAT for $7 off your next shopping purchase. I had collected quite a few $1 off coupons for Nestea products so that's mainly what I bought (and some ginger ale for my husband)

$4.99 Nestea 12-pack (16.9 oz bottles)
$4.99 Nestea 12-pack (")
$4.99 Nestea 12-pack (")
$2.75 Ginger Ale 6-pack (16 oz bottles)
$2.75 Gingle Ale 6-pack (")
$2.99 Kashi Go Lean waffles

- $2.99 Kashi Go Lean waffle freebie
- $1/1 Nestea
- $1/1 Nestea
- $1/1 Nestea

= $17.80 OOP (and received $7 for my next shopping trip)

And then Safeway. I was trying to hit $50 total pre-coupons (had a $5 off $50), which for me meant buying some staple items, brown sugar, mozzarella, apples, feminine products etc. However, even with that, I was shy about $10! My husband commented that I must be the only person alive who purposefully goes in trying to spend more money and still comes out under. He volunteered to come with me next time so I could buy him some candy. Dork.

Eitherway, here's what I bought:

$1.99 2lb Domino brown sugar
$.88 Powerade Zero
$.88 Powerade Zero
$.99 Cocoa Krispies (on special limit 1 boo!)
$2.89 Fritos
$2.89 Fritos
$0.00 Fritos
$0.00 Fritos (buy 2 get 2 free)
$1.15 liter Seltzer water
$.79 Bettie Crocker brownie mix (after super coupon limit 1)
$.88 Velveeta shells (after super coupon limit 1)
$.99 18-ct eggs (after super coupon)
$4.99 3 pounds of mozzerella (reg $7.49) in block (I just shredded this and put it in the freezer)
$3.49 1 gallon skim milk
$.99 Little Debbie nutty bars (after super coupon limit 1)
$1.09 loaf wheat bread
$3.00 Hormel natural turkey breast
$3.26 3.29lb of braeburn apples ($.99 a lb)
$5.69 Always infinity pads

- $.55/1 Hormel
- $4.50 milk deal CAT
- $.75/2 Powerade
- $6.49 Free Always coupon

= $24.25 OOP

In retrospect, I should have held off on the Kashi and Always coupon (though I have another Always) till I went and used my $5 off $40 Giant coupon. Ah well though. Still got lots of stuff and I saved 60% at Safeway, not too bad!

Monday, July 6, 2009

CVS & Safeway

Yesterday, my husband and I had a "date day" which meant on my first day off in quite some time, I didn't do chores. We went to see a movie in the afternoon and then headed to a restaurant that I had a restaurant.com GC/coupon for. We had a really lovely meal for just around $25 including tax and tip (would have been $43 w/o tip with no coupon - $10 of the $25 was the tip). I wouldn't say it was a most frugal date... to date, but it was fun.

Anyway, today I've been doing laundry and went to CVS and Safeway to do some of the deals (and redeem my raincheck from the 2/$3 Lays deal that ended the 4th.

at CVS (slightly dissapointing since I was hoping to grab the Post granola cereal but they were all out):

$6.67 2 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles
$3.33 1 box of Honey Bunches of Oats
$.99 Dentburst
$1.29 Tums
$.89 CVS pantyliners

- $11 in Extrabucks

= $2.14 OOP
Received $5 from the Post deal and $.89 from the pantyliners.

Then Safeway:
$2.99 Nabisco 12-pack 100 calories packs (w/super coupon)
$1.99 Quaker Life cereal (w/super coupon)
$1.49 Dole pineapple bits (w/super coupon)
$1.99 Dole pineapple bits
$3.99 Tostitos multi-grain
$0.00 Tostitos snack size
$1.15 seltzer water
$2.00 box cheerios
$4.00 2 boxes cocoa puffs
$1.69 Diet Sierra Mist
$2.49 gallon skim milk (w/super coupon)
$3.00 2 bags of Lays potato chips

- $.75/2 Dole
- $1/3 GM cereal

= $24.34 OOP
I had used a coupon for free bottle of Pepsi with the purchase of 3 Lays or Tostitos products, but because my rain check was entered manually, the system didn't recognize the Lays... had to go to customer service to get the $1.69 back in cash, so really $22.65 OOP.

I received a coupon for a free gallon of milk up to $4.50 - thinking of going back tomorrow to do that deal again (buy 3 GM cereals get a coupon for free milk). Guess we don't have to worry about buying milk for the next few weeks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shoppers & Safeway

I went back to Shoppers to redeem my rain check from when Kelloggs cereal (and specifically Frosted Mini Wheats - my husband's favorite) were on sale. Well when I went through the checkout line, my cashier didn't even look at my raincheck so she charged me the wrong amount and I had to go to customer service.

The guy at the counter did not want to hear my explanation and told me he knew what he was doing and to let him do it without explaining. Well I think he messed up, cause looking at my receipts here's what happened:

Original transaction:
$12.00 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats (should have been $9)
- $3/1 coupon
- $1/1 coupon

= $8.00

Then he proceeded to credit me $12.00 (he objected when I tried explaining it was incorrect).

And then he charged me the correct $6.00.

So.... 8 - 12 + 6 = $2.00

Yeah, I definitely accidentally paid $2.00 OOP for all 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats. At least I tried to explain what actually happened to the CS cashier, but he heard nothing of it so I don't feel as guilty.

Anyway, then Safeway:
1 box Ritz crackers
1 box Wheat Thins
1 jar Hellmans mayo
5 boxes 12-pack Coke sodas
1 package Kraft american cheese 2%
10 jars of Yoplait
1 loaf of wheat bread
3 packages Hillshire Farms turkey breast

- a bunch of coupons (sorry lazy and tired here!)

= $28.52 OOP
(saved $45.26 or 62%!)

July 1st trip

Went to Giant on Wednesday. I've had a crazy week. My boss went on vacation so that means I got to work pretty much every day this past week. I'm surprised I was even able to do the Giant run on Wednesday after a full day. Didn't get much and in a bit I'll post about my lovely barely any people in the store 4th of July trips!

$2.39 gallon skim milk
$2.50 wheat bread
$5.00 2 bags of Snyders pretzals

= $9.89 OOP