Monday, September 28, 2009

Various Shopping Trips

(9/22) As predicted I went to Giant for some bread and milk:

$2.99 gallon skim
$1.79 loaf of bread

= $4.78 OOP

And then on Sunday (9/27) I hit CVS to do the only real attractive deal this week and then Safeway for some items

$7.99 1 bottle Vaseline Sheer (Infusion?) lotion

- $5.00 EB (received for doing a survey on - just did one today that rewarded me with $15 EB!)
- $1.50/1 Vaseline
- $1 EB

= $.67 and received $7.99 back for the lotion (ps, it's tiny for the price)

And then Safeway:
10 bottles of Gatorade
5 bottles of Propel (free with the purchase of the 10 Gatorade)
2.23 lbs gala apples ($1/lb)
18 ct eggs (super coupon .99!)

= $16.50 OOP


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