Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harris Teeter & Safeway

Friday night (the 18th) I had the grand idea of going food shopping after I got home from work so I wouldn't have to deal with Saturday crowds. It wasn't the best idea I ever had - mostly because they were doing work on one of the major roads around here so it took a bit longer than expected.

Harris Teeter (till the 22nd) is running their triple coupon promotion (up to 99 cents). And Safeway has an excellent deal on Nature Valley granola bars and various other breakfast stuff. If you buy 4 boxes, you get $4 off (so instead of 4/$10, they are 4/$6)... and if that weren't enough, you get a free box of Capri Sun coupon for use on your next grocery order! With coupons, this deal is awesome and as far as I can see, there's no limit! Usually Safeway makes this deal into a limit 1 coupon, so I was thrilled to see it wasn't. And of course DH needed fruit rolls ups/fruit snacks and he never says no to the sweet 'n salty nature valley peanut bars.

4 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars (peanut)
4 boxes of fruit roll ups
2 boxes of Nature Valley dark chocolate nut bars (for moi)
2 bags of Nature Valley nut clusters
4 boxes of Kleenex expression (on sale buy 4 get each for $1.50 plus had a $1/4 coupon)
1 12-pack roll of Charmin' Ultra Soft (super coupon)

= $21.51 OOP

Well one of the coupons didn't spit out so I went to customer service. Today I'm going back to get my 2 boxes of Capri Sun and do the Kleenex deal again since a coupon spit out for $1/4. I didn't realize it till after I left that the CS person accidentally gave me cash for 2 more rounds of the 4/4 - she mentioned that since the coupon says value up to $2.99, she would just give me $3. Fine by me. But she actually gave me $6. I was a good 20 minutes away before I realized this or else I would have gone back to give her the $3 dollars. Anyway, so that means my out of pocket was technically $21.51-$6.00 = $15.51 OOP

Harris Teeter was pretty successful although they had already sold out of the new Breyers yogurt, can someone say mint chocolate chip yogurt Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmm? I really want to try that stuff!!!!! But not full price. Maybe they will have restocked Monday.

I got a large amount of stuff:

2 boxes of Betty Crocker warm delights
2 boxes of Chex Mix bars
2 bags of Cheerios snack mix
2 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks
2 bottles of Newmans Own salad dressing
1 bottle of Newmans Own tomato sauce
1 bag of Alexia snacks (free after the buy 1 get 1 free coupon promo I had sent in)
2 packs of Yo Plus yogurt
1 pack of Yo Crunch yogurt
1 bottle of Kikkoman teryaki
2 packs Reeses peanut butter cups

Total? $18.99 OOP!

total before coupons was $47.23!

We need lunch meat and pop tarts (Target has the big box for $2 each!!!) so I'll be going out today for some things. I am happy to report that our kitchen is almost unpacked and at least from one side of the room looks decent... though there are still several boxes sitting on the other side.

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