Sunday, September 20, 2009

Target, Safeway & Harris Teeter

Ok, so I've been going a little crazy ever since we moved, got settled and I realized I had a bit more storage space (well all but our freezer, of course it's smaller than the one at the apartment, guh!). That coupled with the great deals lately, I couldn't really pass up stocking up our pantry.

Today I hit 3 places: Target, Safeway & Harris Teeter. I'll probably be a bit over budget this week because we will ultimately need milk, I am fresh out of Extrabucks (in fact I used expired ones today to buy some fun stuff for myself - thankfully the cashier pushed them through) and I haven't been to CVS in awhile - it's not across the street anymore. Annnyway.

2 boxes of Capri Sun sunrise
8 boxes of Kleenex tissues

- $1/4 kleenex
- $1/4 kleenex
- $2.50 free capri sun
- $2.50 free capri sun

= $10.72 OOP (saved 65%)

2 boxes of Swisher wet wipes (on sale for $3.50 each - less than Target brand!)
2 boxes of target brand dry wipes $3.84 each
8 boxes of 12 count Pop Tarts (at $2 a box I could not pass this up, this is the cheapest I have ever seen them!)

- $1/2 pop tarts
- $1/2 pop tarts
- $1/2 pop tarts

= $28.56 OOP (since I haven't been grocery shopping nearly as much, I still have a bit till I redeem points for a target gift card, thanks to Capital One)

And finally, Harris Teeter (2 more days of triple coupons!). They wound up restocking quite a bit of what wasn't on the shelves on Friday, although even their distributing center is completely out of the Breyers yogurt.

2 boxes of instant cream of wheat maple brown sugar (Mmmm)
2 box of Fiber One apple cinnamon muffins
2 boxes of Archway farms homestyle cookies (raspberry and sugar)
4 Reeses crunch bars
3 single serve Yakisoba japanese noodles (all free after coupons)
2 bottles of Spray 'n Wash
1 box of Barilla piccolini pasta
2 bags of Poppycock snacks
1 box Luigi italian ice
2 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies (on sale $.99 a box - great deal!)
1 yocrunch yogurt
4 tubs of Hillshire Farms hearty turkey breast (if you buy 2 you save $4 which makes it $2 a tub!)

= $24.63 OOP (total was a bit over $65 pre-coupons)

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