Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are all moved into our new house! Well, all of our stuff is there. I wouldn't exactly called us "moved in".

There are boxes all over the place and we've had to buy a lot of things (like a microwave, a desk for me) and of course eventually furniture for our living room.

Yesterday after work, I drove to Target to buy said microwave, some milk, bread and lunch meat... without coupons. I know! My coupon organizer is still packed.

I bought:
2 packages shaved turky breast
1 loaf of bread
1 gallon of milk
and a little pack of frog gummies for DH

= $13.00 OOP (had a $50 giftcard from capital one of course and some leftover on another one so I paid very little for the $59.99 microwave)

I'm hoping we get some important things unpacked tonight so we can start eating more than cereal for dinner and I can stop buying lunch at work everyday.

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